About Us

Established in 2000, Sunflower Crackers is the leading supplier of fireworks & fancy crackers items and our aim is to provide the excellent services and true value for money. We supply our products throughout India and have earned good reputation. Our efficiency in business has set benchmarks among our competitors in the line of quality and finesse. Our professionals work in close association with our clients to offer customized renting services and breathtaking display of firework for various occasions such as Diwali, Karthikai Deepam, Durga Pooja, Christmas, New Year, Marriage/Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Events and many more.


One reason for our continued success is simply working harder to our customer satisfaction.


To make our actions sustainable and exercising greater efficiency across our business.


The chemical process involves the mixing, filling, fuse making and gun powder making from various raw materials like potassium nitrate, sulphur nitrate, charcoal powder and aluminium powder.


Every stage of production is monitored by our research and development department who constantly give their inputs to the working force. We follow a sound production policy and thus we do employ any child labour.


At Sunflower Fireworks

We have a large infrastructural unit which is located in Sivakasi itself. Sivakasi is the hub of fireworks and safety matches in India. To ensure smooth production, we have divided our team into various departments like physics, chemistry, pyrotechnic, printing, packaging technology and handcrafts. Our production process is divided into three stages which is pre-chemical process, chemical process and post chemical process.

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